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Posted on June 19, 2012 by

Weekly Risk Report Episode 2

Welcome to the Weekly Risk Report. Here, we will provide a quick rundown of the top threats affecting businesses and people around the world. The Risk Report is our opportunity show how these threats may affect you and discuss easy ways you can prepare to  manage the unexpected.

This week, Preparis CEO, Armistead Whitney, will take a look at:


  • LinkedIn Security Breach: LinkedIn confirmed 6.5 million passwords for LinkedIn accounts were leaked on a Russian hacking forum. How could this effect your business?

    • Domestic Terror: 5 individuals have been injured in the Phoenix area from three improvised explosive devices (IEDs) built inside of discarded flashlights. The source of these bombs is still being investigated.

    • NYC at Risk for the Greatest Loss to Hurricane Damage:New study performed by the data analysis firm CoreLogic has identified New York City as the riskiest city for financial loss from a hurricane. Study estimated property damage alone is valued at $168 billion dollars.

    • Biohazard Update: An interview with food safety expert Dr. Michael Doyle discussing current biological hazards including, radioactive tuna off the coast of California and a mysterious E. coli outbreak in the Southeast.

  • Preparing for the London Olympics: The Opening Ceremonies on July 27th will begin Summer Olympics in London. Businesses should be preparing now for the security risks and the daily disruption associated with hosting this international event.



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