The Preparis Mobile App


Reporting and responding to an incident has never been easier with the Preparis Mobile App. With user initiated messaging, incident reporting, push notifications, and location mapping via geofencing at the touch of a button, the Preparis Mobile App allows you to ensure employee safety and mitigate downtime during an incident. 

Preparis Mobile App Features: 


User-Initiated Incidents

  • Crowdsource Security: Users are able to initiate an incident and quickly alert the designated crisis team members for that location.
  • Include pictures and attachments in your incident report
  • Integrates into your Preparis Portal’s incident history

Location Mapping & Geofencing

  • Send messages by targeted geographic region during an emergency
  • Set custom, predefined geofencing
  • Dynamic messaging: account for employees who are on-the-go

Sending Messages

  • Quickly send emergency notifications using the saved message templates from your Preparis Portal
  • Ensure notifications are seen by using different message channels (sms, email, voice or push). 

Document Access

  • 24/7/365 access to important documents, regardless of location
  • Fingerprint authentication for easy login and security
  • Access documents even when servers are offline


Emergency Push Notifications

  • The most reliable way to send and receive messages
  • Increases international message delivery and response
  • The quick response feature allows users to slide right in order to respond “ok” or “not ok”