Empowering Workplace Violence Prevention

Apr 9, 2024
To help businesses like yours prepare their teams during Workplace Violence Prevention Awareness Month, I’m sharing several resources you may find beneficial.

According to Forbes, businesses suffer annual losses of $250-330 billion due to workplace violence. In recent years, incidents of workplace violence have unfortunately become more frequent, underscoring the critical need for proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and stakeholders. This not only benefits employees' quality of life, but also leads to a more productive and successful organization where they can contribute their best work.

Addressing workplace violence requires a multifaceted approach that involves implementing preventative measures, fostering a supportive work culture, and having a plan of action if the unthinkable were to happen.

Preparis is committed to providing our customers and partners with the tools and expertise needed to address workplace violence threats effectively, including a full line-up of educational webinars this month to ensure your team is prepared, an active shooter preparedness checklist, and a tabletop exercise template.

Many organizations tell us they know workplace violence is a potential threat, but they don’t know where to begin. We’re here to help and have developed a suite of purpose-built software solutions and practical ways to help you train, prepare, and protect your people.

  • A robust emergency alerting software designed to deliver real-time notifications in the event of an emergency. This powerful tool enables swift, bi-directional communication and coordination, ensuring that critical information reaches the right people at the right time, allowing for a rapid and effective response.
  • A simple planning tool that streamlines and breaks down the BCP creation process into simple actionable steps; it’s like having a consultant at your side to guide you and ask the right questions about your business to create a custom-made BCP. Once you’ve created your plan, you can put it to the test in safe mode using our incident management tool.
  • Customized tabletop scenarios and templates designed to address the unique aspects of potential workplace violence incidents. These resources help your team prepare for and identify any weaknesses proactively. Through these practical exercises, your organization gains invaluable hands-on experience, enabling you to simulate different scenarios and assess your response capabilities in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Sample alert templates customized for workplace violence give you the ability to train your team and test your plan.
  • A team of experienced consultants to help walk your team through tabletop exercises, review your plan, or refresh your overall strategy.

By leveraging these resources and expertise, you can take proactive steps to mitigate workplace violence threats and ensure the safety of your employees and stakeholders. The entire Preparis team is here to support your organization in addressing workplace violence threats. Feel free to reach out at 855-447-3750 or [email protected]. Together, we can create a safer and more secure work environment for everyone. 


Jon Bahl
CEO, Preparis

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