Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

Oct 1, 2023
Each year since 2004, October has been designated by Congress as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time to educate individuals and businesses alike in protecting themselves online.

According to organizers the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) are partnering on this year’s campaign theme — "Secure Our World" — to create resources and messaging for organizations to use when they talk with their employees, customers, and memberships about staying safe online. They list four key action steps everyone should take:

  1. Enable multi-factor authentication
  2. Use a strong password
  3. Recognize and report phishing
  4. Update your software

To aid you in improving your organization's cyber-hygiene during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond, we put together some of our top resources below.

Cybersecurity Blogs

Cybersecurity Resources