Continuity planning is fundamental, so shouldn’t it also be easy?

Our unified, cloud-based suite transforms continuity planning from a complex luxury into an accessible program for businesses just like yours. From emergency notifications and alerts to comprehensive planning, incident and exercise management, and reporting, Preparis can handle every part of your continuity strategy—all from one central location.

Made for action

Practical and downright easy to use, our solutions have a bias for action.

Trusted by leaders

Our suite is trusted by leaders in financial services, manufacturing, the public sector, and beyond.

Ready for you

We support our customers as diligent partners to strengthen their entire continuity strategy.

See our powerful solutions in action.

Move confidently forward with one central continuity suite.

Continuity planning doesn’t have to be complex. Simplify your view and strengthen your approach with one comprehensive solution for every part of your continuity strategy. Select a solution to discover the power of continuity, made simple.

Imagine your entire continuity strategy, connected. It's everything you've ever wanted in a continuity cockpit - capable, simple, and downright easy to use.


Tap into the power of proactivity with tools built to streamline, simplify, and support your business  continuity management process. Build effective plans in stride then bring them to life for key stakeholders inside your organization.

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When critical events occur, easily communicate with your teams through their preferred channels.

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Work your plan from every angle with dashboards delivering 360° visibility. Proactively identify potential fail points ahead of time to accelerate recovery when an emergency happens. 

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Preparis supports detailed incident documentation in support of regulatory compliance and audit trails. Once an incident report is submitted, stakeholders can quickly set up a real or virtual war room where they can connect with colleagues, distribute specific action lists, and align on next steps. 

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Prepared organizations choose Preparis.

More than continuity planning for all. Continuity planning for you.

Continuity planning is one size fits one. We apply our tools and capabilities to solve the unique continuity challenges of businesses in manufacturing, financial services, the public sector, and beyond.

Financial Services

Achieve the ultimate resilience while upholding compliance in any circumstance.


Protect your operations and your citizens with recovery planning for public sector demands.


When the ultimate cost is at stake, an effective plan is your critical continuity lifeline.


When the unpredictable occurs, proactive recovery planning pays off in multiples.


Mitigate costly downtime no matter what to protect your brand and your bottom line.

Professional Services

Ensure your key stakeholders can always access the resources and information they need.

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