Get to Know Preparis

Jan 1, 2024
Entering 2024, we have some exciting news to share: Preparis has spun off from Agility Recovery into a standalone software platform.

Those of you who have known us for years may be asking yourselves, “Wasn’t it always Preparis?” 

That’s the fun part. We’re returning to our roots as a software company, referring to our software tools as Preparis, your one-stop shop for business continuity software solutions. 

Our mission with Preparis is simple: To bring continuity planning within reach for everyday businesses by delivering solutions that are easy to use, affordable to access, and as practical as they are powerful. This journey began nearly four years ago when we acquired Preparis, Inc., an emergency notification platform. Since then, we have bottled up our 30+ years of industry knowledge to build and acquire software applications with one north star vision in mind:  

Making continuity simple and achievable.  

Along the way, we expanded our toolset to include the industry’s premier continuity planning tool, Preparis Planner, and added Preparis Incident Manager, a streamlined way to exercise and manage incidents in real time. 

Preparis Platform

In addition to the Preparis acquisition in 2019, we’ve made other software acquisitions over the years to round out our end-to-end business continuity suite: 

  • BOLDplanning, acquired in September 2021, enabled Preparis to address essential public sector markets such as government, health care, and education. 

  • RecoveryPlanner, acquired in January 2021, added renowned tools for business continuity planning, incident management, and integrated risk management to the Preparis portfolio. These tools are ideal for larger companies with more complex BC planning needs. 

Business continuity planning should not be elusive or complicated. Move confidently forward with one central, self-guided solution. Continuity, made simple. 

What’s changing? 

You’ll see new branding, colors, and naming conventions. Our products and their functionalities remain the same; you should not see any difference in how you use our services. Our full Preparis software suite includes: 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to continuing to provide you with business continuity and resilience solutions in 2024 and beyond. 



Jon Bahl 
CEO, Preparis 

Jon Bahl Agility Recovery