Preparis Announces Enhanced Focus; Spin-Off from Agility Recovery Services

Nov 28, 2023
We’re excited to share news within our business. We have made the decision to spin off our software business, Preparis, from the recovery services business, Agility Recovery. This will result in two world-class companies, both well positioned to pursue their respective priorities.

Preparis will continue our mission to make business continuity simple and achievable. With an innovative software suite, purpose-built to disrupt traditional business continuity, Preparis focuses on a simple, more modern approach to preparedness and response for both private and public sector organizations. The company will be led by its long-standing management team, Jon Bahl, Ron Curtis, Peg Miller, and Michael Bishop; and its financial sponsor, LLR Partners, who have been with Preparis and its growing software business since early 2019.  

"Today's actions advance our ability to innovate and create value for customers by disrupting traditional business continuity with a simple, modern approach to preparedness and response," said Preparis CEO Jon Bahl, and former CEO of Agility Recovery. "The decision to spin off our software business from the recovery services business will result in two world-class companies, both well positioned to pursue their respective priorities." 

Agility Recovery will move into a new chapter of growth and investment in partnership with New State Capital Partners, a 10-year-old private equity firm based out of NY, who has done 38 acquisitions to date. They will be pairing Agility Recovery with a company called AFIMAC. For more than 40 years, AFIMAC has offered emergency response and strike security, risk management and business continuity services to companies across North America. AFIMAC prides itself on partnering with their clients to protect people and property during times of crisis and regular business operations. This creates outstanding synergies with the mission of Agility Recovery since 1989. 

These changes provide great benefits to our customers, allowing each organization to be hyper-focused on their mission. With a modern, innovative approach to continuity preparation and response, the Preparis suite is focused on making continuity simple and achievable for all. This means integrated access to your continuity program including native integration of alerts, risk assessment, business impact analysis, flexible plan building, integrated test/exercise capabilities, and meaningful dashboards, with one central location for your overall business continuity program management. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. We appreciate your continued business and look forward to another prosperous year together.