United Path Forward: a Message from CEO Jon Bahl

Jan 8, 2021

As the U.S. continues to have outbursts of civil unrest, we at Preparis feel compelled to take a stand. We stand with humanity, equality, peace, and tolerance of others—even when and especially when—others have differing views or backgrounds. Violence or destruction is never the answer to addressing contrasts in points of view, and we will never condone acts of violence against people or entities. This week’s actions at the Capitol building were exacerbating the problem and are not part of the solution. We are encouraging our employees and customers to do what we can to help our country come together and find a more united path forward. We can be better as a nation and as a community to help make sure we prioritize humanity first. 

Unfortunately, this has been an immensely stressful year for all of us, presenting new challenges for businesses and their employees who may get caught in the fray of violence that has been breaking out across the nation: protests earlier in 2020, the Nashville bombing on Christmas, and now the Capitol building breach this week. We sincerely hope these events have not impacted your family, your employees, or your business. However, if you find that you need help preparing your company or your workforce for what to do in the event of a crisis, we are here to help. Whether it’s emergency notifications to communicate immediately across departments, training on what to do during a crisis, or backup resources in the event of loss of network, power, or structure, Preparis can help.  

Please know we are here to support your business and your employees to be better prepared and know what to do if a crisis impacts you directly.  
Best Regards, 
Jon Bahl 

Jon Bahl Agility Recovery