Discover Agility Alerts

See how Agility Alerts can help your organization manage critical incidents as they occur and keep your workforce safe.

Easily Send Bi-Directional Mass Emergency Messages



Integrated with your organization's phone system, you can get spoken messages out to your workforce with detailed instructions and next steps.


Email & Desktop

Quickly reach your people where they work. Deliver messages to their email inbox or push a notification to their desktop.



Get your message to your employees, even on the go. Send alerts via text or push notification and collect their responses quickly.

Mobile devices

Mass Emergency Notifications And Incident Management

Be prepared before, during and after an incident occurs

In case of an emergency, protect your workforce with quick and efficient bi-directional messaging and incident management. Instantly reach your people on every device.

Eliminate Guesswork

Waste no time when seconds count.

It's not enough to get a message to your workforce, in many instances you need to know they're safe. Give them the option to respond no matter where they are, letting you know if they are safe or need assistance.

Screenshots of Agility Alerts