Bomb Threat Checklist

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Use our Bomb Threat Checklist as a guide to help you respond to a bomb threat.


Bomb threats are verbal threats to detonate an explosive device to cause property damage and injuries. They are usually called in by phone but can also be communicated through mail, email, social media, and other outlets.

While a majority of bomb threats are hoaxes, it is important to take each one seriously. The more specific the caller is, and the more information they provide, the more likely the bomb threat is real.

Learn how to respond to a bomb threat and a suspicious package at your workplace.

A bomb threat and a suspicious package must always be taken seriously. There is always a chance that the next bomb threat received may be real. That’s why it’s essential to set up the steps for handling a bomb threat and ensure they are recognized and followed.

The instructions presented in our checklist provide a framework of actions for bomb threats and will help you and your employees prepare and react accordingly during these events.