How to Create a Business Continuity Plan in 2023

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A business continuity plan (BCP) allows companies to prevent and recover from threats that affect day-to-day business operations, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, fires, floods, and pandemics.

A BCP should be developed before a disaster occurs and should include input from all stakeholders. The goal is to protect assets and ensure that operations continue during and after a crisis. A BCP should:

  • Identify all risks, including how the risks will affect operations
  • Implement procedures and safeguards that will lessen the risks
  • Test to ensure the process works well
  • Review the process to make sure it is current

BCPs are an integral part of an organization’s risk management strategy. If your organization isn’t sure where to start, implementing a comprehensive business continuity and incident management platform such as Preparis Planner can help alleviate the pain of getting started with a BCP.