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Pandemic Tabletop Exercise by Preparis

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Enhance your pandemic preparedness with our Pandemic Tabletop Exercise. Download now to meticulously plan, prepare, and test your emergency response strategies.

In the realm of business continuity, where unforeseen challenges can disrupt operations, ensure your readiness through immersive tabletop exercises.

Key Features:

  • Strategically plan, prepare, and test your emergency response plan for pandemics.
  • Mitigate the impact of increased employee absence with targeted education and training.
  • Strengthen your workforce's preparedness for unexpected challenges.

Why Download?

Stay ahead of the curve in pandemic preparedness with our specialized Pandemic Tabletop Exercise. The effects of a pandemic on your employees can be profound, with increased absenteeism posing significant challenges. Don't just anticipate — prepare. Our exercise is designed to simulate real-world scenarios and validate the effectiveness of your plans.

Insights on Pandemic Preparedness:

  • Understand the impact of a pandemic on employee absenteeism.
  • Cross-train employees for enhanced readiness.
  • Implement proactive measures recommended by experts, such as encouraging flu shots and remote work.

Barbara Webster, Crisis and Business Continuity Consultant, believes that “information and proactive wellness planning are essential to alleviating fears and false information that can spread rapidly.” She recommends encouraging employees to get flu shots, working from home when sick, and providing hand sanitizers within the branches near entrances and at counters, which can also help.

Download our Pandemic Tabletop Exercise to test your emergency preparedness plan.