The Role of Emergency Notification in Managing the Unexpected

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Emergency Notification as a Cornerstone of Your Workforce Safety


It’s not a question of if a critical situation will occur to a given business; it’s when it will happen. Business interruptions are increasingly common. Based on industry data, 40% of businesses have experienced a business interruption in the last five years. Among the most frequent interruptions Preparis parent company Agility has recovered are isolated events (30%), including everything from a burst pipe and a data loss to a power failure and theft.

In studying disasters over the past decade, two major themes emerge. First, while a notification system is imperative, its effectiveness is limited without a trained and knowledgeable crisis team ready and able to respond in an emergency. Second, a notification system works best when it is integral to the company’s overall emergency preparedness program.

A comprehensive and easy-to-implement system that meets the needs of your business is the best sleep insurance. This guide covers the most important elements of what makes an incident management and emergency notification system successful. Invest in the people, processes, and communication to keep your employees safe and ensure the continuity of your business operations.