Conducting a Ransomware Impact Assessment by Preparis

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of ransomware attacks and, more crucially, discover proactive measures to prevent them. This webinar is designed to guide you through conducting a ransomware impact assessment and seamlessly integrating it into your business continuity operations.

Whether your organization has encountered various stages of an attack or aims to fortify preventive measures, comprehending the potential risks is paramount. Explore:

  • The potential consequences and the modus operandi of ransomware attacks
  • An in-depth exploration of the attack path, covering initial infection, compromise, and encryption
  • Proactive testing of controls to prevent cyberattacks and thwarting an attack before it escalates
  • Enabling and executing an impact analysis to identify vulnerable points in your controls

Join us on October 26 for an enlightening webinar featuring Mike Pearson from Passpoint Security, who will share expert insights and practical tips. Acquire knowledge about prominent cybersecurity threats, identification of exposure points, and the proactive prevention of attacks.