Disaster Preparedness: Protecting Your People and Your Data

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In any organization, the most valuable assets are its people and data. The safety, security, and protection of employees and sensitive information are paramount, particularly in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

This session will focus on preparing and empowering employees to act as the first line of defense in emergencies, such as evacuations or shelter-in-place situations, and in safeguarding the organization's data against cyber threats.

Key points the audience will learn:

  • Importance of creating a safe and secure work environment for employees post-pandemic.
  • Role of employees in providing the first line of defense during emergencies.
  • Strategies for conducting exercises, drills, and training to ensure employee readiness.
  • Steps to safeguard sensitive data and protect against cyber threats.
  • Significance of maintaining both physical and digital security measures to uphold organizational reputation, protect clients' data, and ensure profitability.

By understanding and implementing these key steps, organizations can enhance overall safety, security, and resilience, thereby safeguarding their most valuable assets—people and data. Join us for Part 1 of this 2-Part series.