Powerful Ways to Update Your Company's Risk Analysis and Assessment

Risk assessments are a critical component of any resilient organization’s business continuity plan, and provides the foundation for an effective BIA and overall BC plan, helping you understand exposure or potential gaps to establish proper controls and link business impact data with an up-to-date understanding of operational activities.

In the past, risk analysis and assessment was a labor-intensive, arduous process with manual data collection, input and analysis; which meant risk assessments were commonly outdated by the time they were completed and rarely updated. In this webinar, you’ll learn practical ways you can update your risk analysis and assessment with a simplified, modern approach that allows powerful information at your fingertips:


  • All hazards approach to identify potential risks with input from key stakeholders  
  • Tips to categorize, score and size risks including resources impacted, gaps identified, and controls that need to be in place
  • Ideas to integrate your risk assessment and analysis directly alongside your business continuity plan, making actionable adjustments based on gaps uncovered
  • How to use testing and exercising alongside risk analysis to uncover gaps, push the limits of your plan, and get to the heart of your organization’s potential exposure before it rises to threat