Insurance Agency: Improving Employee Safety & Confidence

Success Story
Jan 14, 2022
Danya Strait

On-the-Fly Preparedness No Longer Fits the Bill

Before the coronavirus pandemic, this insurance agency approached business continuity with a light touch. The owners did not see a need for an emergency communications plan for their employees and didn't have their business continuity plan recorded anywhere. In short, they were wholly unprepared to act when – not if – a disruption occurred.

A New Approach to Planning and Communications

When COVID-19 hit and its nearly 100 employees began working remotely, this company suddenly saw the need for a robust business continuity plan that included emergency preparedness, employee communications, and incident management. They could no longer rely on traditional, on-the-fly methods of business continuity in a world that is constantly changing.

The Solution: Preparis

Luckily, Preparis Planner and Alerts seemed to be a perfect fit as the company realized the need to think of employee safety in case of a disaster. To protect employees, they needed a robust communication strategy and platform, as well as a written business continuity plan.

Now, thanks to Preparis, this company can communicate with its employees anytime, anywhere, and has a written plan to be better prepared for interruptions.