Preparis' Response to Hurricane Idalia

Sep 19, 2023
In honor of National Preparedness Month, I want to thank you for your dedication to our mission of preparedness and resilience. Last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported 20 weather/climate-related events with losses surpassing $1 billion each, and in 2023, we've already seen 23 events this year. These figures highlight the ongoing need for our services, especially as we enter the peak season for severe weather now through November.

The events of Hurricane Idalia served as a reminder that preparedness is not merely seasonal, but a year-round commitment. Our response to this natural disaster exemplifies our core values and the agility we bring to the table when our customers and communities need it most. We worked with nearly 100 customers in the path of Hurricane Idalia, who put our resources on alert for their recovery strategy. 

During our recovery efforts, we provided resources like fuel and generators to help businesses impacted by the storm. Hurricane Idalia touched the lives of individuals and businesses across a diverse spectrum of industries. Our preparation and response extended into sectors such as: 

  • Transportation/infrastructure 

  • Healthcare 

  • Food and beverage distributors 

  • Retail and convenience stores  

  • Oil and gas 

This breadth of impact emphasizes our role in supporting various organizations during times of need. We learn from these events, adapting our offerings as new threats arise, and are currently working with customers to update their BC/DR programs to make sure they’re prepared for the next inevitable business interruption.  

Remember, business continuity isn’t limited to natural disasters and physical recovery services. While weather-related occurrences are currently top of mind, business interruptions can take on many forms that may prevent your ability to operate your business effectively. Our Preparis software helps your organization prepare for unexpected interruptions, including cyberattacks, ransomware, active shooter incidents, as well as severe weather. Preparis helps you create, assess, test, and adjust your continuity plan in real-time, making sure everyone in your organization has access to the latest plan. Plus, bi-directional messaging ensures timely communication during critical situations. Having the right continuity software, all in one central console, is essential for a robust preparedness plan. 

During National Preparedness Month and beyond, I urge you to maintain a constant focus on readiness. Now is the time to review and update your preparedness efforts and recovery plan. Resilience begins with proactive planning. Let us know if you’d like to discuss your preparedness efforts. We are here to support you. Please send us a message if we can be of assistance. 


Jon Bahl
CEO, Preparis

Jon Bahl Agility Recovery

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

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