Resolve to Exercise for Preparedness in 2022

Jan 5, 2022

What better time than New Year’s to resolve to improve your organization’s preparedness? And to do so through exercise(s) of its emergency/continuity plans? 

Exercises, according to FEMA, provide a low-risk, cost-effective environment to 1) test and validate plans, policies, procedures, and capabilities, and 2) identify resource requirements, capability gaps, strengths, areas for improvement, and potential best practices. 

We couldn’t agree more. For years, BOLDplanning, a division of Agility, has partnered with public and private sector organizations to conduct discussion-and operations-based exercises that comply with the Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program, or HSEEP. These include: 

Seminars: Informal discussions designed to orient participants to new or updated plans, policies, or procedures.

Workshops: Similar to seminars, but intended to build specific products, such as a draft plan, or develop a training and exercise program/schedule.

Tabletop Exercises: Discussion-based, low-stress exercises where a facilitator guides team members through discussions about their specific roles and responsibilities in relation to one (or more) scenarios. 

Functional Exercises: Operations-based exercises that allow personnel to validate plans and organizational readiness by performing their specific duties in a simulated operational environment. 

Full-scale Exercises: Operations-based, high-stress exercises that involve real-time operations movement of personnel and resources to validate plans, policies, and procedures. 

Regardless of the type or frequency of the exercise(s) your organization chooses in 2022, just remember to debrief. Preferably verbally and immediately following the exercise/activities, if possible. Doing so will provide opportunities to solicit feedback, answer questions, and determine the next steps for plan improvement and ultimately, better emergency preparedness. 

Need help with the development of your organization’s emergency/continuity plan or the facilitation of an HSEEP-compliant exercise? Email [email protected] today.