Real Scenarios Designed to Test Your Plan With Confidence

Quickship Test

Our team will coordinate shipping, delivery, and pick up for all equipment such as servers, desktops, and monitors to your location for three consecutive days of testing. This allows your team to confirm your technology package supports your work requirements.

On-Site Test

Testing is an essential part of business continuity that ensures your plan is executable. Using a controlled environment in one of our testing facilities guided by our team of experts, you can strengthen your plans, build business resilience, clarify organizational responsibilities, and guarantee your resources meet your recovery needs.

Remote Site Test

Conduct your test at a remote mobile testing center with all necessary equipment. Choose from the following convenient locations:

  • College Station, TX
  • Northborough, MA
  • Oakville, ON

Mobile Test

Deliver any or all the components of your ReadySuite solution to your location so you can conduct a pre-emptive test. Allow one day for setup, two consecutive days of testing, and another day for equipment removal. The entire test is led by our network engineer onsite and your expert test manager.

ReadyOffice Test

Practice working in a private office space up to two consecutive days each year with everything you need to recover from a disaster in more than 3000 locations worldwide. Be at your desk within 24 hours, with a fully set-up laptop, internet access, and a phone line to ensure continuity of your business. 

Guided Tabletop Exercise

This guided exercise walks through a simulated, scripted crisis and asks participants to respond and react as the event unfolds. We provide your business with a scenario, and one of our strategic account managers runs the test with you, guiding your team through the entire process, sharing industry best practices.

Plan Review

Review Your Plan to Refine Your Business Continuity Process 

Review and audit your plan with your BCP team, C-level management or department heads to ensure alignment across the organization. This exercise is helpful to identify gaps or updates, train new team members, or as a part of regular onboarding.

Plan Review
Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop Exercise

Use scenario-based, role-playing exercises for a live test

Let our BCP experts lead your team through a guided tabletop exercise where employees role-play and contribute real-time feedback to the process. Everyone involved practices their roles and responsibilities during an interruption—you choose the scenario ranging from natural disasters to an active shooter response.

Live Simulation Test

Our experts will work closely with your team for a truly hands-on walk-through

A live simulation allows you to deploy actual recovery resources and work in a live environment. Scenarios can include data loss and restoration, live testing of redundant systems, emergency notification test messages, network outage and recovery, workspace recovery, and more.

Mobile Unit
People in a mobile office

Testing our program is among the most valuable projects we undertake each year. Testing with Agility Recovery is a simple, effective process and I simply don’t know how you can have confidence in your plan without going through this exercise.

Richard E. Eaton, IT Director, Honor Capital

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