Preparing for Storm Season with Preparis

May 3, 2024
As we begin thinking about the summer storm season, I want to ensure you’re well-prepared for whatever nature throws your way.

From heavy rainfall to flooding, extreme heat to wildfires, and high winds to hurricanes, Preparis is here to simplify planning, testing, and alerting. 

2024 Storm Season Resources 

No matter where you’re located, we’re here to help minimize your risks in preparation for the impending storm season with tactical resources, including:  

Beyond Resources: How Preparis Can Help 

Many organizations like yours know natural disasters are a potential threat but need help fortifying plans. Beyond our resources, we have developed a full suite of purpose-built software solutions and practical ways to help you prepare and protect your people from disasters while ensuring the continuity of critical business operations. 

  • Embedded Risk Assessment Functionality - Preparis enables organizations to conduct thorough risk assessments specific to storm-related hazards, identifying vulnerabilities and exposures that could impact business operations. 

  • Integrated Alerting System, Bi-Directional to All Devices - Quickly disseminate storm-related alerts and notifications to employees, stakeholders, and relevant authorities via multiple channels such as email, SMS, and voice messaging using predefined communication templates and contact lists. 

  • Embedded IPAWS Subscription - Subscribe to IPAWS weather alerts right within the Preparis portal. 

  • Incident Management and Tracking - Test your plans in safe mode ahead of a storm, coordinate response efforts, track incident status, assign tasks to response teams during storm events, and implement recovery plans and procedures to restore operations quickly. 

  • Sample Tabletop Templates, and Free Team Training - Customized tabletop exercises and training sessions led by our team of expert consultants, allowing you to practice responding in a safe and controlled environment. 

Implementing these solutions has led many of our customers to share that they've reduced the likelihood of a life safety incident by up to 50%. 

By leveraging our resources and expertise, you can take proactive steps to mitigate the effects of storm season on your organization, ensuring business resilience and the safety of your employees. The entire Preparis team is here to support your organization in addressing natural disasters. Feel free to reach out at 855-447-3750 or [email protected].  

Jon Bahl
CEO, Preparis

Jon Bahl Agility Recovery

Prepare for Storm Season with Preparis Software